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Thursday’s Thoughts: Toning Down Your Passion

I was asked the other day, what would I say was my most memorable accomplishment to date?  I was very quick to answer… Why? I had been thinking about this just last week for a potential blog post. I did not answer with the usual “things” that I have made happen in my career. I have had many significant accomplishments that have gotten me promoted and/or received awards for. Proud of them? Of course! When I stopped and thought about this last week, I really feel that my most significant accomplishment is the passion that I have to help others succeed.

I am proud of the many teams I have lead of the years. Those teams have accomplished many “things” along the way. What I think I brought to the table was a way to make sure that I set those teams up for success. Many of my blog posts are written to highlight that process and some of the key steps. What normally is not written about is the overall passion that I have to make others successful.

I almost liken it to being a parent and watching your kids succeed in their sports, school or anything they are doing. Proud moments, that make you get that knot stuck in your throat or a tear forming in your eye. When I think back on my career and think of all of the people that I have managed and their successes – and think that I had a small part in that… I feel pretty good about what I have done. There are 100’s of folks that have gone onto bigger and better heights. There are 100’s of new managers that I have shared my experiences and training with. There are 1000’s that I have managed over the years. It just goes on and on…

My problem is when I start to discuss that, I get really excited, talk extremely passionate about the topic and probably drive the person that asked a bit crazy. How do you tone that down without lessening the impact that accomplishment has on you? Should I tone it down?  I really don’t have a good answer..

What are your thoughts?

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