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December in NYC

My wife and I just got back from a great weekend in the one of the best cities in the world, New York City! For my wife she spent her early years living around NYC – she pretty much had seen much of what December in NYC has to offer. For me, being a New Yorker and not seeing NYC in December is truly disappointing. Disappointed no more! Wow… was it fun!

We did pretty much what every visitor does in NYC in December.

We landed at JFK around 1:30pm! We decided that going the public transportation route was something that we both knew and enjoyed. Off to a rough start – the Air Train was down for servicing that day. So, we were bussed over to Jamaica Center. Jumped on the E train and off to 50th/8thAve.

After checking into the hotel, time to wonder around getting the lay of the land. We were just steps away from Times Square. This was not my first trip to Times Square, but there was a lot more rockefellerpeople this time around. Grab a bite to eat from a cart and off we go!

Rockefeller Center was one of the main stops that evening. My wife wanted to make sure that I saw everything that NYC in December has to offer… Wow, it was truly amazing. The lights, tree, skating and the people. It was Saturday night, you can’t just walk normally, you shuffle. The rink just finished up with the Zamboni and were just letting people on.

My wife and I had to get a picture with the tree! We figured it was time to move on. As we turned to keep shuffling along the sidewalk, we ran into a bit of a log jam of people. Columbus Ave was filled with people on both sitree-selfiedes of the street. You have St. Peter’s church and on one of the stores was a light/music show for XMAS. 20+ minutes to travel less than 1/2 a block. Lots of folks pushing. Lots of tempers getting short. Being a big dude like myself, I just reminded everyone that it is the holiday season, no pushing – there a little kids around. We made it out!

Next stop was out to eat dinner! Little Italy here we come… Nothing like Italian food in NY.

img_20161203_1945053662037After dinner we made our way, via subway! We took the subway – everywhere! But did put on lots of miles too. We went down to the World Trade Center area. My family and I, happened to be in NYC the day that the last of the debris was removed from Ground Zero. It was my first trip back to Ground Zero and I wanted to visit the sight again. There are no words to describe what has been done there. I just looked around, in silence, and img_20161203_1944550542038took it all in. I have seen the devastation and now I have seen the beauty!

We came back the next morning to see everything again. I wanted to make sure that my picture in my mind when someone mentions the World Trade Center goes from the Twin Towers being my compass of where I am in NYC – to the massive wreckage and loss of life – to the beauty and honoring of all that have lost their lives that day.

fb_img_14808980931162044Our next stop was to got to a show… Not just a show but the Radio City Christmas Specular! This one had special meaning for my wife. One of her past students she taught in 4th and 5th grade is a Rockette! My wife truly enjoys watching her students due well in school, but she really enjoys watching them do well long after she has taught them. There is nothing better for me to watch her be so proud of her past students living out their dreams. How many little 4th and 5th grade dancers grow up to be a Rockette or professional dancer? It can happen, it starts with the dream and a lot of hard work! My wife’s student, Logan, provided us a wonderful backstage tour of all it takes to put on a wonderful show. Truly a wonderful evening.

We had an amazing time. For the 2.5 days we were there – we walked over 30 miles. Rode the subway! Ate some great food (and some not so great). Saw millions of people. Laughed a lot! New York City is in my two 3 cities in the world that I have been too.

Images are mine! I took them.

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