Where Are We Going?

Is it just me, or are others growing increasingly frustrated with our Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. The latest in a series of bait and switch came out with him signing the bill allowing vouchers for education. Last year, he was all for Prop 123 and selling it as a way to help increase funding for

Getting Ready for Back to School

It is almost that time of year… Back to School! The sales have hit the stores. Teachers have already started to prepare. Excitement is in the air. My observations as an outsider, looking into Meet the Teacher. My wife is a school teacher. She teaches 4th grade at Haley Elementary in the Chandler School District. Over


Do Your Job slogan has been around! It is something that the New England Patriots use all the time. It has had some #hashtags in the past… It is time to bring it back out. Especially, for those of us in Arizona that have a governor and state legislature that consistently forget to do their