Change is Tough

Update at the end! This morning I was thinking that I need to do something different. I haven’t written anything about leadership in awhile. Not because I didn’t want too. I was in a rut. I have been watching too much about our Presidential candidates and feeling like there is a lack of true leadership

My Leader Checklist

Awhile ago I wrote my checklist and posted it! I was being interviewed the other day and one of the questions that was asked of me is do I have a particular mantra that I have when leading teams. Thinking for a moment, I was torn with answering the question with the simple leadership styles

Signs of Losing Your Team

Have you ever watched your favorite sports team and witnessed them failing? Can you pinpoint some of the reasons as to why? Switch over to the workplace, have you been on a team that failed? I have written many times about the parallels between sports and work… I have taken the lessons I have learned