Thursday’s Thought

My email exploded with good and bad comments on Thursday’s Thought from last week. Many folks liked having something to think about… Some challenged me on my thought.. I did not answer the challenges – As I would hope that the comment section would be a good place for a little commentary from folks. This Thursday’s

Stand or Not

Wow… By now just about everyone has heard about Kaepernick’s stance on not standing for the national anthem. You can read more of Kaepernick’s controversial comments here. For those that have missed it, he has been doing this on every pre-season game this season. Took the world to notice on the 3rd game. And he


School has started almost everywhere now. I have been seeing quite a bit of chatter, complaints and discussions on stuff that got me to thinking, “what is going on?” At the start of every year there is going to be some growing pains around a new school year, expectations and getting to know each other.