Why 360 Feedback Systems Fail

I am a believer that a good 360 feedback system and using it properly will add value to a leaders understanding of how he/she is doing. Of course, I bet that you are shaking your head, saying to yourself, “Steve, you are full of it.” Something like that. To understand how a system should work,

Numb Employees

I wanted to share a recent discussion that I had with a past team mate of mine. We were discussing how teams can get into a funk. To describe what “funk” means – the team was struggling with meeting expectations, teamwork was low and overall morale was even lower. Team mates were calling out, coming

Keeping Your Composure!

Today’s workplace needs more composure from their leaders now more than ever. Market changes, increased demands, change management requirements and just trying to keep up your overall direction; makes a leaders job difficult. How that leader reacts to these demands is extremely telling about how effective that leader is. Remember that all eyes are looking

Replacing Managers

How many times has the manager/coach been replaced due to team’s lack of performance? If you follow any sports team, I bet you can locate once within your teams history when a coach was replaced due to the team’s performance. It is always easier to replace the coach, then to fire the whole team. The