Underhanded Actions Leaders Need Not Do

We have seen or heard about the passive aggressive blunders that leader do (lack of critique on work either good, bad or ugly; rules are vague or totally unnecessary; nitpicking the wrong things; avoid interactions with co-workers; backstabbing and finger pointing). All bad behaviors that can tear down a team or organizations. What about those behaviors

Leadership For All

Over the many years of me teaching how to manage, volunteering and working for non-profits or just working part-time for the holidays, I have most certainly believe that leadership is not only positional. How many times have you worked in an organization that is struggling? Ever just sit back and watch how things are done?

My 5 Worst Boss Types

Everyone has a story to tell about their manager. Some stories are fit for TV, remember The Office.  Every time I do a training session on “New to Management,” I get asked about the worst type of bosses. I challenge you to read through the 5 worst boss types below and I bet that you