Crazy Youth Sports

I have been involved in youth sports for over 50 years. I was a youth player, parent, coach, referee, board member and now a grandparent! Does that make me an expert? Probably not, but I can safely say that I have seen a lot from my different vantage points.  Here in Arizona, the school year

Another Dream!

I have been away from youth hockey for a few years now… Maybe the landscape has changed some or maybe not. Phoenix may never be a hot bed of talent that gets into the NHL. There have been some pretty amazing players! Over the many years that I have been involved with hockey in Arizona,

Another Year…

In a few days, SteveBellNow will have completed its fourth year of being out there. The site has come a long ways from the initial thoughts. I wanted to take my writing of an internal blog, externally. Sharing my experiences! I wanted to share my passions for leading organizations, coaching sports and just my travels