My Leader Checklist

Awhile ago I wrote my checklist and posted it! I was being interviewed the other day and one of the questions that was asked of me is do I have a particular mantra that I have when leading teams. Thinking for a moment, I was torn with answering the question with the simple leadership styles

Today Only! April Fools…

I have been thinking about trying to increase my readership and comments to my blog. I have done some searching on the internet and one expert in particular, Ace Doyen said, go ahead and give something away. Contests help to get the party started. Then your content will help bring them back. So, in the

Why 360 Feedback Systems Fail

I am a believer that a good 360 feedback system and using it properly will add value to a leaders understanding of how he/she is doing. Of course, I bet that you are shaking your head, saying to yourself, “Steve, you are full of it.” Something like that. To understand how a system should work,