Angry Much

Back in late last month, I wrote my last blog post! I had made a decision that I was going to stop writing blog posts. I received a number of calls and emails expressing that they wish I would continue. Not really sure yet! I am going to write this one as I think it

Wow – Just Wow!

I was out vacation the past week or so! I was not connected. Was not able to get the real news! When you are on a cruise ship they have limited channels to watch. I always pass on watching anything on FOX News. Most of the time, they frustrate me with their commentary on anything.

Simple Social Experiment

Where is this world going? Or where has it gone? Recently, I have been putting my two cents worth in on a couple of topics I really don’t spend calories on. Not that I intended this to be a social experiment when I posted, but it has definitely demonstrated something to me. Here it goes…

Managing During Layoff Time

I wish I never had to experience this in my lifetime, but I did. I have experienced it too much. Recent announcements by Intel and other large companies of layoffs or reduction in force or redeployment – whatever it is called is tough. It is tough for every individual in the company. As a manager