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On July 24, 2012 was the official day for SteveBellNow, LLC was open for business. After years of dreaming of working for myself, I can say that I have now done it! For over 30 years, I have led many different types of organizations within many different disciplines. I have worked with non-profits and for profit organizations. I am a very focused and results oriented person, so I will only take on one engagement at a time. Getting to results quickly while saving time and money..

Consulting Services:

  •  Leadership/Management Training: Do you have new managers? Don’t know where to begin with training? Don’t have the time to do it yourself? I really enjoy working with current leaders to help strengthen their success by teaching them “New to Management” concepts. Organization size is not a problem, I have led teams from 6 to 100. Getting the basics under your belt, will make you a better boss for the future. Learn from someone that has made mistakes and lived to talk about them
  • Process Engineering: Having some problems with how things are getting done? Do you feel that you are going in circles? My experience is in small start up to high .volume manufacturing. I can help with setting up your process, redesign your current process or help with making adjustments for maximum output. Within my experiences, I can really focus on short to long term productivity solutions.
  •  Facilitation: Have a tough session to lead? Need an outside eye and ears to help with organizational culture? Let’s face it, meeting management is an art form. Trying to facilitate and participate is a very difficult task. I can help facilitate those difficult process meetings to help get maximum output from the participants. Need some help facilitating with running a culture survey? I can help set up, process and facilitate recommendations based on the information gathered.

Problem solving or just sharing my experience is a passion of mine. Need something, just ask me!

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