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Time to get to know me a bit better!

Professional Qualifications

“Retirement” is over! I am currently practicing what I am passionate about. Working part-time to keep learning and growing, until that next big thing comes along. Being semi-retired for about 4 years was fun, but I missed all of the excitement!




My 4 years of “retirement” were actually filled with plenty to do. In the middle of my retirement, my family and I decided that I would start up my own business. I am a one man shop at SteveBellNow, LLC. I had a few of engagements that really set the tune for me doing my own thing. First, I worked with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central Arizona to help facilitate a culture survey and set up recommendations from the results.  I also have done some consulting with a medical device manufacturer on process redesign for productivity improvements and leadership training. I have volunteered for about three years at a non-profit, AZ4Education, a scholarship tuition organization that provides scholarships to needy students that want to attend private school. With AZ4Education my responsibilities were marketing director and treasurer. I am most proud of my work to grow donations 100%+ for three straight years. The second proudest accomplishment was to set up the AZ4Education community. A place that donors, schools and students can get every bit of information at their fingertips. I continue to volunteer with the folks at Ignite Phoenix as the “Night of Volunteers” coordinator. Helping to put on a show like Ignite Phoenix is both rewarding and very educational. The passions of others have opened my eyes to so much more.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with other organizations. To see what I have done just take a look!

Previously, I spent almost 29 years working for Intel Corporation. My career started out working in all aspects of manufacturing (17 years). I was a technician out on the manufacturing floor, production supervisor and manager, process engineering group leader, quality and reliability manager, materials and manufacturing manager.  The last 12 years were within information technology world. I was introduced to IT as running a purchasing organization that recruited and placed IT consultants to the various departments within all of Intel. My last nine years, were focused on product line management. I led a team of product manager, project and program managers and business analysts that were focused on every product and service (IT related) that all Intel employees used to get their work done. I am most proud of a number of major accomplishments in my years at Intel. First, was being able to make Intel a world class manufacturing organization both in production and safety.  Moving to IT, I turned the consultant business into a world class organization for placing consultants quickly and at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing quality. Everyone likes to leave a mark when they know it is time to move on. My last two major accomplishments really put a focus on my career. I was able to work on implementing social media products and services inside the firewall to Intel employees. No small feat for anyone that knows Intel. Lastly, I was selected to teach “New to Management” to all new managers inside of Intel. I trained well over 250 managers. I also set up and used the social tools to help managers to collaborate together on their new craft. For that, Intel training, made me instructor of the year for 2011. I was able to work on many different aspects of Intel and learned a tremendous amount. I want to share those experiences here and with you directly. Just ask…

Why I Do What I Do

Over the years, I have gained experiences that I have grown to be very passionate about. Management and leadership is something that I feel is an art that can be trained. I want to help out as many new managers and leaders to be better at their jobs. My experiences in this area have been probably the most rewarding. Take that passion and share with others, is there anything better than that? I don’t think so. When you read the personal side – you will find that my experiences are just not inside of the corporate world.

I am not one for sitting idle. I am a life long learner!  I am one of those “old” dogs that is willing to learn a new trick or two. When I was first introduced to social media and the potential of the web. I thought why not? When others were telling me, this is for the younger crowd. I thought, “why just them?” I wanted to learn and use it! I really enjoy the potential. Hence my interest in helping non-profits with marketing via social aspects.

The Personal Side

Sports has been a big part of my life. Growing up, I played football, soccer, basketball and baseball. I wish that I had played ice hockey, but I played pond hockey on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York. My wife would say that I am still a sports nut.  Sports helped develop my internal fire for competing and especially leading. I was selected as captain to many of the teams that I played on. Giving me the opportunities that really drove my passion for leading teams. Many life lessons have been learned while participating in sports. After my playing days, I took up coaching my kids teams (softball, soccer and hockey). Coaching helped me to continue with my passion for leading others. I spent over 20 years volunteer coaching youth sports (especially ice hockey and girls’ fast pitch softball) and was a board member of Arizona High School Hockey Association – a non-profit aimed at administration of high school ice hockey.

I am a family man. I learned many lessons from my father-in-law (he was a role model). I may not have put my family first all the time, but they are the first thing that I think about in everything that I do. My wife and I are blessed with two adult children that have really done well for themselves. I enjoy many of my days, spending them with my grand daughters and grand son. I am truly blessed with an outstanding family!

Clarification: “Steve Bell” is a very common name. Every once and awhile, people will mistake me for the other ones. So, below are some simple statements to help clarify things:

If I run across anymore famous Steve Bell’s, I will be sure to update those that I am not.

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: The blog is based on author(s) personal opinions & interpretations & not those of author(s) employer(s), past or current.


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