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When Will We Do Something

There comes a time when we all have to wake up and face the music that something needs to be done. Yet another high school mass shooting happened again in the US! Making this the 18th mass shooting in 2018! Gun rights and the second amendment always come under fire when something happens.

For transparency reasons – I support the second amendment. I am an ex-military police officer. Thanks to my US Army training, I have been lucky enough to shoot many different types of weapons. I have a healthy respect for firearms… I believe that we need to do something pretty quick!

Many will say, “it is not time to bring up this discussion. We need to make sure that we are knee jerk reacting to what just happened.” The problem with that logic is we have had 18 of them in 2018 along! You don’t have a cool off period long enough to say, “now is the time!”

Enough waiting… Here a few of the off the cuff thoughts:

  • We have a license to drive! We have different classes of licenses for different vehicles that we are allowed to drive. Owning a gun – well, it comes with a background check (sometimes). It is time to have a license for owning a gun. Just like driving a car. Written tests and performance hands on testing! No, ifs ands or buts. We need to make sure that you have a different license for the different types of firearms that are sold… Especially if we are going to allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased. The cost of such administration – will be funded by the license fees collected. It should be a zero add!
  • Mental illness, felonies, domestic abuse – all get your firearms taken away and no license! Trump reversed the mental illness executive order in Feb ’17! Mistake, big mistake! Sign it back in immediately!
  • If you break a law with a weapon – you lose your license and your weapon!
  • I personally believe that any semi-automatic weapon or military grade weapon is not for the public. You don’t need it!
  • If your weapon is stolen or lost – you must report it immediately upon noticing it lost or stolen. Which means – you should be checking on your inventory regularly.

Waiting is not an option. Doing nothing is not an option. Adding armed guards to all schools, public places is really not solving the root cause – it is a band-aide.

We need to be calling and emailing our representatives and demanding a solution!



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