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Last Post!

I have spent the past month, reviewing and thinking of the future of what I want to accomplish with my blog.

Some will remember why I started writing my personal blog. The reason was a simple request by some of my employees at Intel that wanted me to write outside of the Intel environment. I had a personal blog inside of Intel that got quite a few hits, comments and landed me an instructor role within the New to Management world.

So, I launched in March 2009!

I retired from Intel back in January 2011 and used me blog to help launch my consulting business. Which landed me some outstanding projects to work on. My blog over the past year, has been neglected some. I just did not have the energy or passion into keeping it up!

When I look back, some of the stats were surprising and I am satisfied…. It was almost 8 years!

  • Over 54,000 page views!
  • Over 600 posts written
  • Over 300 comments
  • I saved all of the emails that came directly from my posts – not in comment form and received over 500 additional comments, questions and inquires.

This is the last post to my blog! Come March 2018 – I will be completely shutting down.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing!


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