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Thursday’s Thoughts!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We are entering the holiday zone. For the past two holiday seasons, I have worked as a seasonal employee for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Seasonal work can be fun and not. The fun part for me was getting out and conversing with customers and associates! I worked in the golf department, a hobby that I get to enjoy with others! Being in Arizona, where golf is year round – the golf department rocks.

The fun goes away when you have to step away from your holiday meal with your family and friends to go into work for Black Friday! Or in most cases – Thursday after 5pm! Totally takes a damper on Thanksgiving as a whole. After that the store hours get extended and being seasonal help – you can pretty much rest assure – you are getting the close hours. Which really could be extended to an hour after close. Clean up, restock and reface – is no joke! Especially the holiday season – as just about every display is trashed 30 times over each day.

This year – I have made the decision to pass on the seasonal employee! My wife and I love celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends. We love it so much that we have had up to 50 people at our house! There is nothing better than getting together and being thankful for the past year with the people that mean so much in your life…

I am thankful for my families health. I am thankful for the outstanding kids/adults that we have raised. I am thankful for the grandkids – they totally light up my world when they are around! I am thankful for my wonderful wife and friend.! She makes an outstanding Thanksgiving feast. We will eat well. We will laugh and have fun! We will enjoy our time with family and friends!

Here’s to you and your family on Thanksgiving – have a great time! Smile! Laugh! Enjoy each other!

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