Thursday’s Thought – NFL

Today’s Thought is centered on the National Football League… This year, more so than any other year, I have been watching less and less professional football games. I love sports! My interest in watching the NFL is almost gone. Full disclosure – I am not a Millennial! I am a Boomer!


  1. Many point out that the national anthem protests are their reason for not watching. For me, I am not put off by peaceful demonstrations. I am not afraid to have an uncomfortable conversation about the topic for the demonstrations. I am disappointed that we have problems with equality in 2017. I am further upset that the only discussion that goes on over the inequality protests is about disrespect for the flag, national anthem and veterans. No traction has been made on the true reasons around the protests. I guess that it the passive aggressive way to get the protests to stop! Just deflect the attention somewhere else and never acknowledge the initial issues… But this topic has not bearing on why I am watching less.
  2. The growing list of stars that are out injured or done for the season. Losing the reason that you watch your favorite team go down with a season ending injury does take its toll on you. Watching the back-ups is not the same. The level of play is not truly the same. I believe this is part of my frustration and reason not to watch some.
  3. Rule changes also help me to lose interest… The rule changes that they put in for safety reasons – I get! What I don’t get is that they over protect on some and under protect on others. Be consistent! Another rule change that I am not fond of is the TD celebration. Sorry – I don’t find it entertaining to do scripted celebrations. Some find this good for the game. I find when I am watching a game – when a TD happens – I get up and get my stuff from the fridge!
  4. The product on the field is not that good! Because of the above 2 and 3!
  5. I think the biggest reason that I don’t watch is centered on the Jerry Jones/Ezekiel Elliott/NFL drama. In 2014, we all got to witness Ray Rice video and domestic violence – which opened up a can of worms for the NFL. They went out and tried to address it, but missed the boat a bit along the way. The NFL’s first real shot at address the “next” chance and we have the on/off and on/off again court drama with Ezekiel Elliott. We now have the owner, Jerry Jones, hiring a lawyer to block or potentially sue other owners around the contract extension of NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. Is Ezekiel Elliott guilty of domestic violence? No – there are no official criminal charges. Does that mean there was nothing suspicious about Ezekiel’s behavior that one could, in fact, understand that something happened? Probably – hence maybe he should serve his suspension, learn from his time away that your behavior toward women is important. Never put yourself in a compromising situation! We are entering the space of folks today – don’t have to take accountability for their actions. They can hide behind lawyers and courts to block any accountability they should face. The longer this drags on the worst it gets for me!

I don’t know when I will return to watching games, like I used too. I do know the longer these issues continue the slower my return will be. It will definitely take something really special in order to drum up my interest – like before.

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