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Thursday’s Thought – On A Monday – WHY?

I know it is only Monday… But, this one needs to come out really… There has been much talk about what has happened the past week.. We continue to have head scratching tweets from @RealDonaldTrump. Have you ever really thought – Why?

I found this on a t-shirt… “DUCT TAPE – It can’t fix stupid, but it can muffle the sound.”

Tweets out the removal of the invitation to the White House for the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors because of Stephen Curry’s not wanting to attend. Why? For me, it comes across as when you were playing games in the park with your buddies (5-10yrs old). The dude that brought the ball – decides he is pissed off and leaves taking his ball home with him.

Decides to take on the NFL and players that decide to sit or knee for the national anthem. Calls those players SOB’s in a speech – definitely not teleprompter written. Look, I will always stand for the national anthem out of respect for my time in the military and out of pride. I also respect the 1st Amendment.. If someone wants to peaceful protest by not standing that is their right. I don’t have to like it… I don’t need to express my displeasure. It comes in handy to learn their position and have a real discussion on what they are peacefully protesting. If I can fix it – I should fix it! Isn’t that the unity that we all should be looking for. Why is it okay to focus on that peaceful demonstration and not have the same venom when it comes to the violence that happened in Charlottesville? Then say that your words and tweets have nothing to do with race, but respect… Really! Double standard or we know where you stand? Or maybe it is just the same distraction from the real important items that need to be addressed in this country?

If you want the peaceful protests of taking a knee to stop, maybe we all will be better served to focus on the WHY? Don’t put your spin on the why… Ask one of them that knee and have them tell you what it truly is about. Then don’t distract it to something else… If it is about minority violence by police – don’t twist it to black on black violence. If it is on minority equities – don’t twist it to well, we had 8 years of equities on me. No one moves forward…

WHY? Would we force the leagues and owners to step up and tell their players that they do not have a first amendment right to peaceful protest? Some would say that they are employee’s and they have to do what the boss says. Well, I know of many court cases that support the employee when you violate the employees basic rights.

WHY? Would we not take the time to work on what is right in front of our face… There is extreme hate in this country. It does not matter what “side” it is on – it is still hate! Just pick a topic. We have folks that demonstrate their hate by violence, peaceful protest, distracting their attention from the topic to something else or just letting whatever happens and ignore it. We should be doing everything in our power to stop the hate… We need to call out the leaders of the hate! The leaders that do nothing to stop hate! We look like a bunch of babies…

WHY? Does our president spend time on topics that really are so down the list of critical items that need to be addressed? My feelings on all of this is that everything is done to help distract us from what is happening. Treat it like a misdirection play in football.

Have discussions are important. Having discussions that actually provide solutions are priceless. Right now – we have nothing but finger-pointing, hateful conversations with no one listening. Putting a leadership spin on this… Everything starts from the head or top! We need to have the leaders of this nation step up and lead by example. If our current example of leadership continues – hate will continue to win out from either side. No one wins! Life is not a game of winners and losers. Time for real human beings to step up and demand we treat everyone with respect. Not just a song or piece of cloth! It should be about people.

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