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Thursday’s Thought – The 1st Supervisor Job

Today’s Thursday’s thought will center around managing your team as a newbie supervisor. Can you remember your first supervisor job? Grab a sheet of paper and make a T chart… Spend about 5 minutes writing down the good and bad things you remember. Which one had the most listed – the good or the bad?

When I did this exercise for the first time – my bad outweighed the good 2 to 1. I know I was being very critical of myself. Simple because – I wanted to be the best that I could be. When I was playing sports, I always practiced harder on the things that I struggled with in order to be a better player and teammate. I took that same approach to assessing my performance as a supervisor.

Over the years, when I do this exercise – the good starts to standout more! I start to remember the little things that I overlooked before. Like how I helped one of my employees improve, or got promoted or took a better job because of some small or large things they said I did. Those moments always escaped my critical analysis of my performance. My focus was more on the team output, quality and cost reductions. I strived to have a high performing team. Forgetting that there is a lot of stuff that goes into having a high performing team that is not measured in output, quality and cost reductions…

If you look back on that first supervisor position – do you find those hidden gems of your doing? What are they? Please share your story!

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