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Healthcare Rant!

So, let me get this straight… #Trumpcare has been twice entertained and failed or is failing again. Latest leadership tweet from 45 is – repeal #Obamacare and we will replace later.

So, what leadership characteristic are will accomplishing with this nonsense? Oh right – I said I was going to repeal #Obamacare. Check mark – done. Promised us a better plan – but failed there two times so far! In my day – we never let a .5 credit for something as critical as this. If you repeal without an acceptable plan – then you FAIL 45 and GOP. No check mark – do not collect your paycheck and tells us you are winning… Because we, the people, are not winning!

You can save a lot of face – if you just fix the problems with the supposed failings of #Obamacare… Wait, that would mean you will have the tell the insurance companies to actually cut expenditures (insane salaries) and maybe cap profits to insure the people are really being taken care of. America has created a business of insurance – that just makes me wonder what we are thinking.

Or maybe 45 and GOP – you can put your big boy pants on – and give us all the same healthcare that you get! Or maybe, simply giving basic coverage to all Americans, like the rest of most large countries. Insurance companies can then focus on plans for additional coverage items for those that want and can afford specialty services. With this one – you can easily help out all American businesses with lower their employee expenses. The total that companies spend on healthcare costs – must be getting close to 20%. Every year what little raise is given is passed on with the message that healthcare costs have increased. I loved the words – it is total compensation – no I really don’t. My take home pay really did not move much. You want to add jobs – no problem if companies bottom-line is better – they usually reinvest…

This problem can be solved. It will require a different way of thinking than what we have been doing for way too long. #Obamacare was a first step to get to universal healthcare, but it failed in many ways. The added GOP items to the plan – did not help. The fact that we still rely on insurance companies – did not help. Having folks pay more so others can be on the plan – helped some, but just bad execution.

  1. I know insurance companies will fight hard to keep us going the way they are. All you need to do is look at the CEO salaries for the major healthcare insurance companies…
  2. Some doctors will not like to work under a single payer system, because the payer may reduce the amount that can be paid out. Well, the insurance companies do that today too! Maybe if doctors request federal student loans – we could put a requirement of working in federal healthcare for a period of time to help pay off the student loan. We do that for anyone that receives a ROTC scholarship in the military.
  3. Some people will never be happy with the services that will be provided by federal healthcare. Well, fear not, insurance companies can still be in business for you. They can provide you with addition insurance to make you happy with specialty services. Or maybe we can get doctors to offer a menu of services that are price quoted upfront – and you can pay directly to the doctor. A FREE market – so to speak. You know what you are going to get and pay upfront. If you have the money – go for it.

Since this is so difficult and we are at a cross roads – maybe it is time to really fix it! My rant maybe in the simplest of view – but we have to start somewhere different than what we have been doing. Isn’t that the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over – with the expectation that the results will change?

Step up!

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