Thursday’s Thoughts – Hot Buttons, Fired Up

We all have those hot buttons when we see it or hear it that just piss us off. I watched a lady go off on a salesperson the other day and wondered why that happened. The lady walked away saying, “it pisses me off when a salesperson is pushing me to buy something that I don’t want. Why don’t they listen to what I asked for?” That got me thinking what are those things that I know set off my hot buttons.

Reader beware – I am holding nothing back!

  1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time. I know where my watch is, buddy…where the hell is yours? Do you point at your crotch when you ask where the bathroom is??
  2. People in the supermarket check out line who wait until their entire bill is rung up before they get their wallet or open your purse to get your credit card. Worse yet – a checkbook is pulled out.
  3. When people say…”Oh, you just want to have your cake and eat it, too.” Screw that!!! What good is a damn piece of cake if you can’t eat it? What should I do…eat someone else’s piece of cake instead.
  4. When people say…”It’s always the last place you look.” No kidding!! Why the hell would you keep looking for it after you’ve already found it? I doubt that anyone really keeps on searching…
  5. People who ask, “Can I ask you a question?” Why ask that question… I would like to respond, well you already did. Do you have another question you want to ask?
  6. When a cop pulls you over and then asks if you know how fast you were going. “You should know. You’re the one that pulled me over!”
  7. People that automatically assume stuff about me, due to a comment that I make or an answer that I give. Social media is wonderful for this… Don’t make assume… Makes a ASS out of U… not ME!
  8. Lastly, for those folks that think driving down the freeway at 70+ while using their smartphone! It is time for that crap to stop!!!!

Do you have any hot buttons? Go ahead, comment away…

Image via – Copyright: tristan3d / 123RF Stock Photo

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