Thursday’s Thoughts

Someone asked me about my Thursday’s Thoughts why I did not have anything on leadership? Since my blog is mostly about that. I really did not have an answer for that one, other than I am going to change that. Moving forward… I am going to have one week dedicated to Totally Random and another week for Leadership stuff. The other weeks will be for observations or the topic of the day…

Thinking about thought provoking leadership questions… There are so many ways this could go and would probably get confusing. So, I am going to try and pick a leadership topic and add some my thoughts to it or just a series of questions to get you to think…

Questions to Ask Other Leaders that could help you:

  • My favorite questions that I ask all new managers I train is – Can you name a person who has tremendous impact on you as a leader? What is it that he/she does that has made that impact?
  • Where do the great ideas come from within your organization?
  • What is one characteristic that you believe that every leader should process?
  • If you have two equally qualified candidates, how do you determine which one to select?
  • What is one mistake that you witness leaders make most frequently today?
  • What advice would you give to someone that is looking to go into a leadership position?

Each of these question should give a very good indication of what is important to the person that you are asking. It should give some strong insight into stuff that you should be thinking about in your leadership roles.

Go ahead, ask a leader in your organization those questions.

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