Thursday’s Thoughts – Teachers!

I am very close to the teaching world. I have been married to an outstanding teacher! I am not biased at all. She is outstanding in and out of the classroom. She loves her students and does as much as humanly possible for them. She goes out of her way to attend her students activities outside of school.

Since we are in the holiday season – Here is my wish for her and all the other teachers out there:

  • I know you all don’t do this job for the money! My wish here is that our education system will finally find a way to pay those teachers in the classrooms that really have one of the toughest jobs. Nothing like having 25+ students to worry about. Spend time developing ways to help each one of them try and master the skills they need.
  • I wish that there is a way for you all to evaluate your effectiveness, rather than using standardized tests. I have to laugh that the folks that make up the standardized tests have not worked a day in the classroom. There needs to be a system set up that really looks at the students overall progress – then we can call that a community score! Community equals the teacher, school, parents and everyone else that helps the child during the year.
  • I wish you could get reimbursed for half of what you spend on other people’s children. The wonderful tax break from the state is good – but it does not put money in your pockets. I may stop you from paying more money out.
  • I wish that your committee meetings, staff meetings, grade-level planning, school wide in-service days and your training would boil down to really effective and shorten meetings! It amazes me that there is so much “other” stuff that really goes without notice. That stuff needs to be short, effective and to the point. If not, then my wish is for all of that to stop!
  • I wish you all could hear the wonderful things that are said about you! When a student comes home to tell their parents about how wonderful you are – I wish you could hear it! I wish that you could hear every student or parent that is telling others about how wonderful you are – you could hear it! We can stop with the negative stuff!
  • I wish that our legislators will figure out that they do more harm than good with their efforts. Pay! Useless laws and testing. Fighting for school choice and cost reduction over a solid educational system for all!

I know this is just a wish list… Do you have some to add to the list???

Image via – Copyright: belander / 123RF Stock Photo

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