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A Week Not Connected

caribbean seaThe past week, I was on a wonderful family vacation with my wife, our 2 adult children and their spouses and our 3 grandkids cruising the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean. We were on the western side and missed most of Hurricane Matthew damage. We did have to miss our port of call for Grand Cayman, due to rough seas for the tender process.

One of the keys for this trip was for me to remind unconnected as possible. I did not have any of my devices connected. In fact, they all pretty much stayed locked in the safe – once my cell reception was lost.

It was tough at first… Missing out on the news and status updates. But, once the first 12 hour detox was over – I was pretty much good to go! I can safely say, I did not look at my cellphone screen for 6 days.

I wonder – would it be cool to disconnect a week out of every month?

Once connected, I quickly realized that not much has changed. You hope for change – but really can we get change? The GOP and Democratic Presidential nominees are still not getting any better. The Committee on Presidential Debates – still will not let Gary Johnson in on the debates. Another side show of a debate.

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