Thursday’s Thought

23207065 - hand draws cartoon cloudMy email exploded with good and bad comments on Thursday’s Thought from last week. Many folks liked having something to think about… Some challenged me on my thought.. I did not answer the challenges – As I would hope that the comment section would be a good place for a little commentary from folks.

This Thursday’s thought come in the area of politics. I know it is a subject that gets lots of debate. Here is the thought…

Why is it almost impossible to make any headway in a discussion about who should be our next President? I can’t believe that no matter what the point is, folks just can’t see any sort of reasoning in that point. They stand firm to their convictions and are totally unable to understand what someone is trying to say. If that was to happen in the workplace, we would get no where. Many folks would probably not be employed for long if they dug their heels in that hard. There is almost always a third solution… But not in politics – I guess.

What do you think?

Image via – Copyright: robodread / 123RF Stock Photo

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