Shame on Arizona Governor and Legislature

7323689_sWarning – political post follows…

Well, we are off to a wonderful start with the new governor and his legislative session. They are really showing the citizens of Arizona that they have a complete lack of vision for the future. I must be completely transparent, I did not vote for our new governor. I was not impressed with his business background and lack of details in his platform. Words were said, but the complete details on how he was going to accomplish is claims were lacking. He was supported by millions of dark money to help him get elected.

It is amazing to see in a short period of time how he and his Arizona legislature session currently underway has pretty much lived up to my fears. Look at is waffling his budget. Some outcry from is first published budget and he changes it. Look at how the budget got passed.  There were many tweaks to “buy” the votes of many of his republican counterparts. Simply – bad business and lack of transparency.

Look at education as a whole! Just sitting here trying to understand how our future will be with the latest paths our Arizona legislature is going.

Summarize –
1. Huge cuts to education’s budget in K-12 public schools.
2. Even more cuts in higher education both community colleges and major universities.
3. Decided that Common Core is evil and now will be voting on removal of standard. Added bonus in this bill – removal of setting standards from the State Board of Education.

So, we are getting rid of the standard that millions were spent on. We have no replacement in the works. The State Board of Education can not set a standard. So, who is setting the standard? Our Arizona legislature? They have demonstrated that they could not get anything done – unless it was a late night (early morning) deal making voting session for our budget approval. Add the latest on Common Core – if removed – what do the teachers teach? Which text books to use? Everything had been geared for Common Core and this will be stopped. Guess new text books, training and standards will have to happen. Wait for it – they cut the budget. Who is going to pay for the change?

I truly don’t see a vision for the future. If we are going to continue to do government as we always do – we will get the same results as always. So, next time there is an election – GET OUT AND VOTE! This last election was one of the lowest total turnouts. For those that did not vote – you helped make this happen. Make sure you vote in the future… Our future depends on it!

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