What Makes a Manager Great?

19701866_sIf I was to ask you to either tell me what actions made your best manager or worst manager? You would probably quickly rattle off the worst manager with a long list of actions. How many times have you sat back and thought about the best manager you ever had? What is it that they do that makes them special? Here is my list:

• They can motivate every single employee to take action and engage them in meeting the organizations goals.
• They have the assertiveness to drive outcomes no matter what adversity or resistance is put in front of them.
• They create a culture in the team for clear accountability.
• They build relationships through trust, open dialogue and transparency.
• They make decisions based on productivity.

Just the other day, I was asked why do companies have a hard time developing great managers. There is no real simple answer. Most companies have enough talented individuals that can step in and be great managers. The problem is identifying those special individuals and developing them alone the way, rather than making them swim. Training needs to happen. Becoming a manager does not stop with the title. Managing and leading is a journey that has to be perfected.

My simple piece of advice for any new manager or a person that wants to become a manager… “Think back to past managers you have had. Write down the actions that the good managers have done. Write down the actions from the bad managers. Make sure to always do the “good” actions and insure that you stay away from the “bad” actions. Never stop evaluating your actions to the list you have created.”

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