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Change Leadership

About few weeks ago, our group had gone through a reorganization. In most minds we hear the “Oh no, not another reorg,” this was not different now. With the current economic times, announcements of continued downsizing and general fear of uncertainty – the last thing that is needed is a reorg. Deck shuffled – many of the folks in the new organization, still have stuff from the old organization to do. Workload transitions are slow to be started in many cases. Sounds like a lesson in what not to do, but the hand has been dealt. As I write this I am reminded of some strong change management principles that make me want to do better..

1.       Communicate Vigorously: Need for strong messages are critical and timing is key. What core key messages can we narrow to and pursue. I am pretty sure that this one has not been done well. I am taking the responsibility to make sure that I do a better job in this space. Team members need to hear, what is in it for them, what is going to be measured and at the end of the day what does success look like.

2.       Emphasize Shared Responsibility: Teams work best with common goals and a commitment to accomplishing them.  My team has lost three members to and added two new members. We are in the forming and storming stages for the most part. Strong two-way communication channels need to be set up. I need to step up and drive that common set of goals that the team can make sure that we accomplish together moving forward.

3.       Avoid Group Think: For me, I do not have that fear with my team. There are way too many strong individuals that make sure that we are balancing expediency with each other being heard and valued. The suggestions are sound ones! The accountability from each individual is there. Next is getting that team in performing.

4.       Seek Early Wins: With our overall charter we have a huge nut to crack. We basically are being challenged to change our mother groups perception within the company. Support groups always have a difficult time with perception during difficult times. I need tp break down that nut into smaller pieces which should start the ball rolling in the right direction. This is going to be a bit more difficult for the team, many have not been able to transition their old roles and fully get embraced into the new roles. Getting those early wins are going to take some doing.

There is no way we can step away from the old roles that we have had. We have ownership for many sustaining products that our employee base use everyday. Walking away, just is not an option. I have to continue to work with the leaders from the other organization to drive ownership changes. The overall make-up of my team is very strong, I really feel that this team can make some serious progress toward turning around the perception. We all are committed to making it happen.

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