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I’m Back (From San Diego)

I spent the past week, somewhat unplugged in the San Diego area with family! Somewhat unplugged due to the fact that I had my smartphone with me. I really did not get into email and viewing much on social media. I did do some posting to make sure to share with my friends and family how things were going! So, here is my overall travel information on this vacation… Hope you enjoy!

We stayed at the La Jolla Cove Suites. Using La Jolla as our central base! This was not our first stay here. We like to stay here, because of the views that you get outside of your windows! Depending on the time of year that you stay, you can hear the sea loins barking out, as if they were just outside your window. This is an older hotel and is in need of some updating. You can see some of the improvements that have happened, but overall progress is a bit slow. Parking is a beach problem! Well, it is also a hotel problem. You get to pay for parking that is limited.

Amusement Parks: Our plans for this week were to get out and visit the local Sea Worldattractions of the rides variety. We had some first timers to the roller coasters! So, we visited Sea World, Disneyland and Legoland. Overall, we had a blast. Watching the faces of those first timers riding the roller coasters (and asking let’s do it again) is priceless. The overall cost to get into the parks, seems a bit high for what you get. I stand by the belief that you get out of it what you put in. We had fun at everyone of the location, in spite of the crowds, wait times and small mishaps.

Beaches: We spent our first afternoon at Mission Beach. Where the crowds were really larger than expected. Parking was a bit of a problem, but we got lucky when a person was backing out as we were passing a second time through the parking lot. Nothing like spending some time getting you feet wet and walking on the sand. For our second beach, we made a short drive up the coast to Carlsbad. A small beach town that we have been visited a couple of times before. We planned a day at the beach there! Met up with some friends that live there. Had a wonderful time waiting the first time beach goers have a lazy day at the beach.

Food: I could list all of the places that we went to, but that would not be interesting. Just hitting the larger ones!

  • Saska’s on Mission Beach Blvd. We have been going to this place for many years. 3.5 from the Yelpers. I personally would give it a 4.0. The food has always good, service is a bit slow and if you eat in the older part, it is a bit cramped.
  • The Spot in LaJolla. For every stay in LaJolla or Carlsbad, we have dined at The Spot. My wife has to get her lobster dinner, which is their special. 4.0 from the Yelpers. I personally would give it a 5.0. The food has always been very good, service is good and the location is good. I have tried many dishes and my favorite is the jambalaya. If you like spicy – this will hit the “spot.”
  • Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town San Diego. Our second time there! The first time was incredible and the second time was okay. 3.0 from the Yelpers. I think that is right. Hit and miss sometimes. The tortillas are what stands out for me. Watching them being freshly made (and eaten) works for me.
  • Richard Walker’s in San Diego. This one, is our favorite breakfast place of all the places we have gone. 3.5 from the Yelpers. I truly believe that I have to give this place a 5. The food is incredible, service is very good, but the place is small and the wait can be a bit long. I don’t mind the wait since I have already eaten there. The mix and choices of food is worth the wait. The omelettes, pancakes and specials work for me.

It was a great relief from the Arizona heat. We got to spend time with family and friends – and how can that go wrong? It can’t!

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