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Performance Discussions

A blog post can come from almost anywhere… I was on a call today with a potential client. The client wanted some consulting help for his managers on how to discuss performance with their teams. They has completed their annual performance appraisal system a few months back and have had a lot of issues with feedback on how this years appraisals were received by the teams.

I had to ask, why do you think it is the managers needing help with discussing performance? The simple answer was the feedback came back that every manager within his team received negative comments around how they handle performance. For me, I could take that a number of different ways, but I let it sit for awhile.

I asked the client what type of performance management system are they using. I was hoping to hear something like we have a year round system that has the manager and employee meeting regularly to discuss performance. Was not the case. It was a simple yearly review that the managers write and deliver to them once a year. I asked about mid year reviews? Looking for those that are doing extremely well or those that are struggling and need help. Nothing!

Last question from me was, “how do you discuss performance with your managers?” He pretty much said the same as above.

He asked if I can help? I said sure… We can really set up a year round performance management cycle that can quarterly have a focused discussion on performance. Having the “system” in place, provide training and insure that that implementation is setup properly. Should be fun! Silence on the other end. The clients only words were – this seems like a lot of work. I tried to point out that it could be, it is all really about if you want to have solid performance discussions and have the improved workforce from that work.

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