Retired Guy Series

It has been two weeks since my last post. Simple updates for my friends to keep up with happenings.

On the Second Career Front:

  • Deeper searches have uncovered many new opportunities out there. I have found a few positions working with non-profit organizations that are helping kids. There is a mix of volunteer and paying opportunities. Totally charged, I quickly have sent off communications to the folks listed. I am still waiting to hear back. Why is it that people ask for volunteers – but never get back to someone that is willing and able? On the job applications that I have put in, I get the standard email back on completion of submitting. Nothing back – yet! It all has me wondering – don’t fit the jobs, resume does not sell – well, or too many applicants for those openings? More questions than answers. Either way – lack of communication either way is simply frustrating.

From the other stuff:

  • Made a trip to Waste Management Phoenix Open. It has been my third year in a row attending. Weather this year just plain sucked. I attended Round 2 – which started late and never did get the Round 1 folks on the course. Disappointed in not seeing my favorite golfers – I still had a great time. Being on Hole 16 is just flat out a party. On 18, I met some amazing people. The final round was open to all and I attended. Shortened day, but still I got to see the finish.
  • This week started out with a great surprise… An emergency email needing someone to talk to some high school students on engineering careers. The original folks had to back out at the last minute. Retired Guy has time, stepped in. Nothing like getting the opportunity to share your experiences, passion and thoughts on the merits of science and math. How an engineering degree can talk a person to many different places. I had a blast and I hope the students did too.
  • I have been thinking a lot about how I can get more involved in education as a whole. No, I am not talking about teaching. I am talking about how I can make a difference with awareness, budget improvements, creative solutions and helping to save education from a thousands cuts. Arizona has some serious problems around education (there are other areas too). Time for me to make a difference.

I still have to figure out how to improve getting feedback from all the inquiries that have been sent out. Not that I have been overly busy sending out on everything or anything. I am being extremely selective. My second career has to be what I a very passionate about and making a difference in the world. Retired Guy series needs to take some positive moves…

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