Thursday’s Thoughts – A Great Day!

Today is a special day… First of all, it is National Puppy Day. I did not know that this was a thing, but when cuteness can be added to your Facebook stream – all is good! I added our puppy!

On a serious note, I was out at the local coffee shop today. Ran into a group of seniors that were sitting together and discussing the latest and greatest world stuff. As I was waiting for my coffee, they switched over to a discussion on politics. My ears and the hair on the back of my neck popped up…

One of the gentlemen asked the question, “If you could vote again, would you vote the way you did?” Now, I am really interested…

Most of the people sat there pondering how to answer. A few people spoke up pretty quickly and said conflicting answers.

One dude said, “sure, it is really too early to tell if President Trump is going to carry out on his promises.”

Another person quickly added, “No way! President Trump promised us good healthcare. He promised that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. He promised us security, which I think he is attempting to live up to. Why I say no is – He has failed at the budget adding billions to the military while cutting many senior or poverty programs – just is wrong. Trumpcare is a joke – just don’t get me started. Paying for the wall should never be something we pay for.

Today was the first time – I have heard anyone from the Trump vote say they are sorry that they voted the way the have…

A few others pointed out that they are sick of him live tweeting testimony about wiretaps and Russia involvement in our election. Tweeting in general! They pointed to they believe that he is making stuff up to deflect from other things. Probably would not change their vote due to the other candidate, but they are completely disappointed with his actions so far.

It is always good to go back and reflect on your decisions (no matter what they are) you have made to see if they are still good decisions, need some tweaks or just mistakes that need to be corrected.