Thursday’s Thoughts – Random

Been awhile since I have done one of the random thoughts… My notebook has not been with me much the past month.

Here is a list of those totally random thoughts…

  • Why is it that you have to pretend to be sleeping to fall asleep?
  • If you were to drop an Oreo on the ground – you can at least eat 2/3’s of it!
  • With all the vampire shows and movies – how is it that those vampires look so good? They can’t see their reflection in a mirror.
  • So if you live to be 70 years old… That means you have had to put up with 10 years worth of Monday’s!
  • How many sunsets do we have? Hint… that suns just keeps going around and around.
  • Why is it, customers always ask if you work here? I have this huge badge on with the company logo and my name on. I would like to just say, “No, I just have fun here!”

Image via – Copyright: robodread / 123RF Stock Photo