Thursday’s Thoughts – Leadership

This Thursday’s thought is centered on Leadership! It is going to be on what is new in leadership… Is there anything new in leadership? When you sit down and look at your team’s leaders and anyone you follow – is there anything that they are doing differently than other folks?

My initial thought was of course there is… The leadership principles and skills needed to be an effective leader – are pretty much the same is back in the day! There are tweaks here and there… Nothing too radical – right?

What I have found different – is the overall workplace or work environment. Information is now so much faster. Teams are more diverse. Leaders have to be more flexible with the changes in the workplace. Being adaptable to whatever is thrown at them. Hard to teach that skill… Hard to measure… You know it when you see it!

Is there more that has changed in leaders? What say you!

Image via – Copyright: robodread / 123RF Stock Photo