Leadership For All

Over the many years of me teaching how to manage, volunteering and working for non-profits or just working part-time for the holidays, I have most certainly believe that leadership is not only positional.

How many times have you worked in an organization that is struggling? Ever just sit back and watch how things are done? I bet you can spot the problem just by looking at the position in the leadership position that is not demonstrating good leadership qualities. It is just not a strong and cohesive team. Turnover is high. Staff engagement is very low. I have seen it a lot.

When teaching new managers, I would mention that you are probably here because someone saw in your leadership qualities and are willing to take a chance. It is time to keep learning. Just look at what makes a great leader; honesty, trust, motivation, commitment, and open communication. Be an effective leader… Look for those qualities in your team. Make sure that you are helping to develop those qualities in your team. But first, you better be demonstrating those qualities!

In some jobs, it is easy to just wait for the boss to tell you what needs to get done. I see it especially working part-time around the holidays. I was taught early on that, “you do your best no matter what the job is. Be proud and never be afraid to sign your work.” I am not fond of excuses like – I don’t get paid enough to work hard. Or it is only a part-time job, way should I care? Not my pay grade! Here comes the catch… If you don’t want to do your best – then why work there? Because you can? It is a paycheck? Take some pride in yourself!

I think everyone can develop leadership qualities that could make them climb the job ladder. Start off with taking pride in your work. Develop skills that will help you be a leader. Don’t be afraid to help out others that need some help. Do it because it is the right thing to do!

Image via – Copyright: jjesadaphorn / 123RF Stock Photo