Getting Your Team All In

ResistI spent the past 3 months helping out a Presidential candidate with the social media and whatever else I could do to get their name out. It was not one of the big two candidates. It was not a red or blue pill. Just a third party candidate. One of the key take-away items that I got to witness first hand, was getting the team 100% all in. It was easy at first.. As time went on, we started to see folks dropping down from 100%. Since this was a volunteer opportunity – it is easy to understand why commitment level would drop.

Put this in a workplace setting! What do you do with those folks that just don’t want to follow? I have managed teams for years. I have ran into a few folks that just don’t want to follow where the team is going. I have a few items that you, as the leader, may want to address pretty quickly, before there are more that don’t follow…

Make sure the goals and expectations are clear. I have written plenty on goals and expectations over the years. I have found this to be the critical first step in everything you do as the leader. One such writing discussed your Goals and Commitment Level. Make sure you are solid before moving onto the team. Setting Expectations for the team is probably the most important thing new managers struggle with. Here are some tips to help. When you have those goals and expectations clear – make sure you are keeping that vocabulary in everything you are doing. One of the key items that I do when setting goals and expectations – is to include all of my team in the process. Get them to help develop and buy-in is usually easier.

Is it a “can’t do” or “won’t do” problem? When running into resistance or goals are not being met, you have to determine the why. If it is a can’t do issue – it is could be the skills are lacking a bit and there maybe need for training or re-training in order to remove the roadblock. If it is a won’t do – well, your work just got a lot harder. Just means you may have to go back up to making sure that goals and expectations are communicated better. Could mean a one on one performance discussion is in order. Or it could mean that you have a true resistor on your team. With this one, you will need to spend more time understanding why they are resisting and work with them to get included. Maybe updating goals, maybe changing how things are done or whatever is key to moving forward.

Celebrate along the way. If your team is accomplishing stuff faster or better than expected – take time to celebrate those accomplishments. Nothing real big, maybe bring in lunch for folks, sit down, eat and thank them for what they are doing. I am big on having goals and stretch goals. When we reach the end and have met the stretch goals – I step up the celebration. No reason not to have some fun at work!

Step up and make that tough decision. As a leader, it is sometimes a difficult thing to do, but you know it is the right thing to do. When you have tried everything to get the resistor on board and he/she keeps resisting, it is time to let go of the resistor. All team members watch the leader and how they deal with situations. When it comes to employee situations – those eyes are locked on. Step up! Your team will thank you in the long run.

Image via – Copyright: vesnacvorovic / 123RF Stock Photo