Change – Who’s Afraid? Not Me!

I used to think that change was a bad word. When I heard people use the “change” word, I would start to get nervous. How many of you feel that way? Better yet, still do feel that way? Over the years, I have grown to not be afraid of change to the point where I embrace change. So much so, that when I want to really do something I make lots of changes.

What made me change my “change” fear?

  •  The very first thing is to think differently when change is mentioned or needed. Some folks are really good stepping outside and not letting the past get in the way of what can happen. Back years ago, I only saw change as a way to screw a good thing up. I had to force myself to insure that I think positive first. The end goal is to improve where you path is going.
  • Drawing up plans and goals for any change. We plan and set expectations for many things, why not a change? Set a goal and put the plans in place to achieve those goals.
  • Stay positive! You have to stay positive for yourself and for the others that are watching you.
  • Celebrate! No matter how much success that you (and your team) achieved, celebrate it. Ever small win is important. Build the positive nature that you want to have with yourself (and your team). Celebrations help.

I have entered a time in my life where I have made a tremendous amount of change to move forward. I want to make sure that my personal and professional lives are moving in a positive direction. If I stayed the course I was on, probably would be okay. Okay is not good enough for me. I needed to step into a huge amount of change in order to achieve a better than okay feeling.