Spring Break Is The Best

Everyone loves spring break! When I lived in the snow country, I used to look forward to break from the snow. Since I have lived in Arizona for most of my adult life, spring break takes on new meaning. No hiding for a short time from the snow… It is more like get out and get stuff done!

  • Time to make sure the pool is ready for summer! Cleaning, chemicals, cleaning and testing the water. You really want the pool to be ready!
  • Backyard spring cleaning! With every spring, the rain makes sure to give your yard some weeds. Since I live on an acre of old farm land, weeds are just going to happen. Spraying, spray again and raking are on the books for about a week.
  • Checking spring training! Going to spring training games in Arizona is pretty much a people watching paradise. We get to have all of the winter visitors escaping their snow. The Arizona sun and those winter protected skin – makes for some painful red sunburn. Sitting in the stands with family and friends, there just is nothing like it.
  • Relaxing! Arizona is definitely a great place in spring. We get to have 70-80 degree days and cool nights. This is the time of year, that being outside is pretty cool (unless you have allergies – those blossoms just can play havoc with you).

It is too bad that spring break can not last longer.. I know it has become my favorite time of the year. What is your favorite time of the year?


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