Hurtful Words

When was the last time you had your feelings hurt by the words or actions of another person? Within the last week? The last day? The last hour? The person who hurt you may have been a total stranger, an acquaintance, or someone close to you.

Maybe I am getting sensitive as I get older. I know my view on life is completely different today than it was 25 years ago. I was all about grabbing the golden ring. Being successful meant a great job, family not having to worry about anything and being recognized for my efforts. Today, I am about trying to help others with sharing my experiences, volunteering and just saying “yes” when someone asks.

Is it just me or are you seeing the same? Are hurtful words or actions becoming all to present? Within today’s world of internet and social media – have we turned ourselves into a bunch of Negative Nellie’s? Spend sometime reading comments after a news article. I spent sometime reading one, that I was surprised at the number of folks that were just ranting on (about probably they knew nothing about). Not offering any situation – just negative energy.

I have seen that lack of face to face negativity start to come into play more in face to face dealings. People are just using their words and actions without thinking about what they are saying or doing with the other person in mind.

What to do?

  • Distance yourself from the negative folks. I guess if that is possible it would make for a better overall experience with life. I have removed folks from my Facebook or stop interactions altogether. Some circumstances don’t allow for that to happen. Think of an immediate family member that pissed off about everything or maybe you work with the public (policeman, teacher or waiter). I see those folks not having much of choice – off they go sucking up the hurtful words or actions.
  • Confront the individual with kindness. When a negative comes out – you play the opposite game back – just state a positive. When you have to deal with a person – you work with humor to ease the tension. Always take time to put on a smiling face, before starting any interaction. Most importantly, stay positive – no matter how bad it gets.
  • People will come and go everyday, just make sure that your words and actions do not hurt people. Being a positive in a world of negative sometimes is a tough battle but at least you tried!