Is It Open Season On Teachers?

For every article I read about teaching or education in general – I wonder – why is it that those that comment feel compelled to take shots are teachers? Maybe I am overly sensitive for teachers because I am married to one. I watch her go to work everyday and work hard to make sure that her students are learning and being in a safe environment. School gets out about 3pm and she walks in the door around 5pm (normally later). We have dinner and then she gets right back at grading homework, researching and getting prepared for the next day or week. Let’s not forget the required mandatory training classes on their own time that she has to go to. Her job has more on their own time requirements that any that I have had.

I am going to share some of my experiences growing up and what seems to be happening today. These are short stories or sentences to demonstrate change.

  • Back in the 60’s and 70’s, when I was going to school – if the teacher sent home a note or called my parents about something I was or was not doing… My parents would never question the teacher – it was my fault. Today – the parents blame the teacher. Really? I can without a doubt say – that when the teacher said something about me – it was 95% right (I think there was one time, that I did not do it, but was in the area).
  • Back in the day, if you were an advanced student – there were no additional services. Your teacher tried their best to help you stay advanced by challenging you will more difficult assignments. Which usually meant more homework. I took this as a challenge. Today, I read parents complaining about too much homework. Aren’t we supposed to be working with our children to help them become the best that they can be? Homework is one of those items that if we really spent time with our children we would see where they excel and where they need help. I really think that sending in a note to the teacher that my XXXX could not get his homework done because of baseball practice or we went out to dinner – is a good example on the priority of school.
  • My parents would never question the teachers or principal about what they were saying. They listened to every word. When my kids went to school, I would listen but would question for clarification. Today, I read about teachers being attacked by parents or worse yet, not listen and tell the student the teacher does not know what they are doing. Do we do that to the doctor that tells us we need surgery? Professionals usually know more about their profession that those that don’t do the work.

We live in the instant gratification world today. We think that school should show results immediately. Educating students does not come immediately. There is way too much that goes into it. Teachers are a big part of that – they are with the students in a total learning environment. They do their best to provide for their students. Parents hold the total key to success – you had them, you are raising them and you are with them more than anyone else. You have the life lesson times. You set the tone for how important stuff is. If getting a good education is a priority – than you set the expectations, you work with them and you make the difference.

Are all teachers, good teachers? I have seen a few bad ones in my time (as a student, parent and community member). Are all parents, good parents? I think you know my answer there…

Remember one thing, it takes the community to educate children. Parents, family, teachers, and businesses all have a hand in making sure that success can be reached.