SB Commercial Rankings

When the divisional playoffs were done and Denver vs Seattle was going to be the Super Bowl, I commented that this was a who cares Super Bowl. The only thing that was exciting about this match up was the #1 offense against the #1 defense. I am an old school coach – so, defense wins championships. Script was set and delivered…

What I was really looking forward to was watching the commercials. I watched them in the past, but if I needed to get food, drink or whatever – I also did it during the commercials. Not this year! I watched them all.

My Top 3 Super Bowl ads are…

  1. Radio Shack: “The Phone Call”  – No one questions that Radio Shack definitely needs to step up their image and such. When you can make fun of your situation – works for me.
  2. Budweiser’s: “Puppy Love” – Budweiser has always done very well with their commercials. This year was not exception. How can you not put this one at the top of your list.. #bestbuds
  3. Cheerios: “Gracie” – Life is a funny thing. I really laughed and thought back to negotiating with my kids.

With the best has to go the worst.. Here are the ones that I just don’t think the money spent was worth what they did.

  1. Bud Light: Cool Twist  – Who recloses a bottle of beer?
  2. Car Max: Slow Clap – When was the last time the slow clap was used?
  3. Go Daddy: Body Builder – #itsgotime Just plain, ouch..

What is your take?