Play Time! State of the Union Address Coming Soon

January is filled with hope for the future. We kick off a new year with new thoughts, new ideas and pushing forward to achieve the goals we have set out for ourselves. We do this every year… There is something else that comes about this time every year – the presidential “State of the Union” to the nation.

I want to play a little game.. Think about what you think is going to happen during the “State of the Union” address…

Predict before the speech:  Here’s my list..

  1. We will hear a long list of ideas and policy proposal’s.
  2. We will see the Democrat’s standing and applauding.
  3. We will see the Republican’s sit and demonstrate dis-interest.
  4. We will see the Tea Party folks give us their stink face looks.
  5. We will hear great optimism for the future. It will be hard work, but if we work together we will succeed.
  6. Each party will outline their support or lack of support.

I guess my list really is not anything new. This is the way we all have seen things for quite sometime. I guess I was hoping that POTUS and each parties leaders would take a moment and read this blog post and realize – the American people are really sick of the same old story. We all have seen this played out too many times before. Let’s drop the party agenda’s and start working together!

It is time to stop the gridlock. It is time to really “WORK” together. It is time to write a new prediction moving forward. So, for anyone that is a friend to the president or any of the other party leaders – please take a moment to share this. I really want to see some steps in a direction forward.

Sorry for another political blog post. It is the new year and I am hoping, thinking of the future and working toward some new goals.


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  • After watching most of the #SOTU address..The President and other party leaders did not read my blog post. One can only hope!

    It is clear that my predictions were pretty much spot on. The parties stood their ground on the party line. President decided to put out the if Congress won’t do it, he will. Idle threats usually don’t help getting people working together.