Technology Made Me Stop Doing…

Have you ever really stopped and thought about how technology has changed the way you go about your daily (or occasional) tasks? If you are old enough to remember when technology was just a “new” item. Many things I used to do, but because of technology I don’t do anymore.

  • Calling to get accurate movie times. Thanks to Flixster, I still use my phone – just not to talk to a recording.
  • Never have to use a public phone. The real problem now is – are there any payphones out there? I have not seen one in quite sometime.
  • Use the postage stamps to pay my bills. Now, that is a cost savings!
  • Don’t need book shelf space for a telephone book, dictionary or encyclopedias. Of course, I don’t really buy many books overall.
  • Don’t have to Fax ever again. Some folks still like to use that technology, but I always ask to email the information.
  • Read a newspaper! From time to time, I will go out of the way to read the Sunday paper. But, all it does is get my hands dirty and makes me take out the recycle faster.

I grew up in the time-frame, where we were transitioning and adapting to the new technology. I know that some of the newer generation are probably asking what is a payphone, paying bills by check and mailing them in or they have telephone books. I have made many changes because of what is available to us today! I am one of those old dogs that look forward to trying new things.

What have you given up from your past? Do you miss it?

There are plenty of people that do not use technology out there. I love the calls I get to give someone directions to where we are going. Why are you asking me? Use your GPS or maybe get the directions on-line (Mapquest, Google Maps). Learn to fish!

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