3 Things A Boss Must Do

Bosses have lots of things on their to do list. They have lots of activities that they have to do that are not listed anywhere. The job requires plenty of folks. For me, I love the job. There are 3 things that make boss look bad to their boss and their team.

1. Confront Non-Performers: You know those that are on their own program and the boss just lets them. The non-performer thinks they are doing well, but when you actually look at their performance subjectively – they are lacking severely from the others. The team is demoralized. The boss loses all credibility for not stepping up to address. As the leader, you have to be willing to keep the non-performers in check. Develop action plans to improve. Fire them if necessary!

2. Overreacting When Confronted: We all have heard about knee jerk reacting to a particular situation. This is when someone tells you something and you feel you must react immediately. Sometimes that immediate reaction can cause harm over time. If you do this more than you should. Maybe it is time for you do to more data analysis before reacting. Go out and get more information. Take a moment and think about all of the information. Ask for potential solutions. Then take the appreciate action.

3. Practice Delivering Your Messages: We all like to think that we are very good at communicating. We talk everyday. Are we really good at it? Have you really stopped and evaluated (or asked for feedback) on how your words are interrupted? When I am giving a big speech or giving a presentation, I practice. Don’t want to get it wrong in front of everyone. Take that approach and practice even the 1:1 messages. Especially those that messages that are centered on suggesting improvements. Words can be hurtful, even in times when you did not want them to be.

Basically, being the boss is hard. Some tasks are taken for granted. When you are in front of your team, you need to make sure that you are not causing more harm.