Goals and Commitment Level – How’s Yours?

15302644_sFor weeks now, I have been struggling with some of the goals that I have set for myself. Maybe it is being spread too thin? Maybe I am attempting to work on something that is too large or nebulous? Maybe I am just interested in the goal and not truly committed? I am one that can not just bounce around and feel like I am not accomplishing what I want to accomplish. I have to get stuff done! I have to be working on my goals. After taking some quiet time and really looking at the questions above and what I am going to do about it… I came up with a simple way to insure that I (and you) can insure that I (and you) go all out and go after your goals!

  1. Get yourself in the game: I am not sure who said it before, “Success with any aspect of life starts with your mindset.” When you look at your beliefs and assumptions and find that they are somewhat misguided, you can be sure that your progress is not going to happen. I had to a good look at myself and decide that nothing is going to get in my way of success. When I was growing up, I wanted to be the best baseball player on my high school team. I wanted us to make it to the championship game. I did not want to fail! My mind was right, my focus was on the goal 100%.
  2. Refine the goals: It is easy to put up a goal and have that goal be nebulous or so far out there that you will never achieve it. I  had to really nail down exactly what I wanted, how I was going to get there and what is the timeline that I have to plan for to get achieve my goal. Rewrite the goal, so that the words are so compelling that you will stop at nothing to achieve the goal.
  3. Focus on the IMPORTANT: I have my mind in the game, my goal is awesome and now it is time to go for it. The biggest pitfall I (and many of you) have is staying focused on the important activities. I have from time to time, wandered off on activities that are unimportant. They such up cycles and slow down progress to the goal. We are all busy and when time is wasted, you can never recover that lost time.
  4. Hold yourself accountable: I don’t mean like your “new years resolutions.” How many times have you put that in writing and with the first month – it is gone? I mean truly holding yourself accountable. Setting up a tracking system to see that you are staying focused on the most important activities. Put it in writing! Write down the 2 – 3 most important items that need to get done and at the end of the day – you should complete them. Repeat each day! If this is not your cup of tea – then tell others what you are doing. When you express what your doing – you usually do a good job accomplishing what you say.

Your Challenge: Maybe it is time for you to look at your goals. Are you truly all in to making the goals a success? I invite you to use the above approach! I bet you will see that each goal that you have can use your rededicated commitment to gain true success.

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