Ignite Phoenix #14 is Coming Up

Ignite Phoenix #14 is coming up! Do you know what Ignite Phoenix is?  I have attended and volunteered at about 5 of these events. Here is my short pitch on the what… It is 18 passionate presenter on any topic, with 20 slides in 5 minutes to ignite your brain. It is an evening of laughs, maybe some tears, food and getting out with over 800 other folks. Getting out to meet new people and learn something. Got your interest now? Check out the Ignite Phoenix website for more information…

Ignite Phoenix critical dates (please mark your calendars):

  • Friday, March 22nd – Submissions close at 11:59 pm
  • Saturday, April 6th – Tickets go on sale at 10:00 am (make sure to get them early – they usually sell out pretty fast)
  • Friday, April 26th – Ignite Phoenix #14 at Virginia G. Piper Theater at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Time: 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm

With submission open now till March 22nd, this got me thinking about topics I would like to hear…

  • The art of tattooing – how does that artist do it?
  • Picking the right cigar for the right occasion (or your taste).
  • Pet training 101 (those horror stories).
  • Growing old without going totally negative
  • Retirement for idiots – how do you transition from work to your second life?
  • …..

Is there some topic that you would like to hear? How about present your passion? I have been always trying to find that one item that I am totally passionate about that I would like to share, but I am still searching to come up with it. Maybe some of the topics I would like to hear – I can formulate into some thing special.

Hope to see you there!

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