New Year Resolutions! Will They Stick?

Well, it is already one week into the new year. I bet you have thought about and probably already made a few  resolutions. How are they going? I ask because I am a regular gym goer for a few years now. I have seen the run on the gym for three January’s. It is amazing how many people sign up, go to the gym with the best intentions and stop shortly after. Here we are one week in and already the gym was packed and today, I saw the usual cast of gym goers. There were parking spots available the second week!

How do you make those resolutions stick?

  • Make measurable resolutions:  Like everything that I have learned over my career if you can not measure it and track it, you will never get it done. You goals should be obtainable (See SMART goals)! Make them tough, but not so grandiose that you will not make it to the end.
  • Write them down: I am not a huge fan of this because I really don’t like making lists. I prefer to select those few items that are important to me and build them into my daily actions. If you need a list to look at, then go ahead.
  • Review them: You should be  tracking your goals and make sure that you review the regularly. Let’s face it, we all start out well, it is the review and adjustments that are needed to stay on top.
  • Share them: Depending on what your resolution is, you should have someone or your team hold you accountable for that resolution. If you are trying to lose weight, many people hire a trainer to help. He/she offer the help to keep you on track. Maybe a family member or your workout partner can hold you accountable. If you are trying to be a better manager, tell your team what you are attempting to do and let them keep you honest.

What do you do? How are you doing? When do you think those resolutions will become regular habits? Worse yet, when will you stop? Good Luck on your resolutions.