Political Ugliness

Are we sick of the TV political ads yet? Have we seen enough of the dirty attacks? How about the short snippets taking out of context and placed strategy to fix their needs? Are we sick of the automated phone calls? Tried of going to the mailbox and getting flyer after flyer? Think about the resources that are wasted. How much money is spent to get someone elected… We probably could make a dent in the debt! I have traveled the past couple of weeks and have witnessed some of the ugliest attacks on a persons character then never before. When did this become a sport of who can make the nastiest TV ad about their opponent? I have to say, Nevada has some of the nastiest that I have seen.

What goes through you mind when those TV ads are ran? How many think, “not going to vote for that guy.” Do you know who actually is the other candidate? I ask as many of the TV spots are funded by special interest groups that really don’t talk about the “other” candidate. Are the American voting public that ignorant? Wait one… I guess so. This tactic must work, as it has become a sport! If it did not work, they all would not be doing it.

Are you getting tired of it? I for one, am getting sick and tired of all of this trash…What can be done?

  • Time for some real legislation around how much money can be spent. Really! The ones with the deepest pockets don’t make the best selection. Think about how much money is wasted.. Take the flyers that are sent out. Do you read them? Do they offer anymore information to help make a decision? I bet, you all throw them away. Probably without even looking at them. Calling them junk mail… Those negative TV commercials cost plenty. Maybe if a limit is imposed, the ads would be a lot fewer. Meaning that the subject should be more about what “they” are going to do vs. the bad that they can point out in the “other” person.
  • We the voting public can use our vote to highlight what we really want. If we want a candidate that is going to “lead” us, then we want that candidate to be a leader. Much of what is going on today would be a lack of leadership qualities. If we vote for a candidate that takes the high ground… Maybe those that are talking about their opponent – would get the message. It should be about YOU.
  • Stop the automated phone calls… We had the Don’t Call List – time to make sure that the candidates are added to those of us that asked not to be called! If I took the time to add my phone number to the don’t call – that means all useless automated calls.
  • Why do debates have rules? If we really want to know what they going to do to help US, then we should tell the candidates the topics. Candidates should answer the questions with the facts of what they believe can be done and (here is the kicker) how they are going to do it. The other candidate should be able to challenge the facts of that position.. When did debates become yet another play on words that the real meaning to you and I – is somewhat lost in translation?

While writing this, I wonder how many voters will not vote due to apathy of the complete system today? How many thing their vote does not matter? To bad, we don’t get that count in the overall election. Think about we get the votes for each candidate and a third category – the non votes for all of those registered to vote. That should be the telling story. The overall political landscape today is not what our forefathers were thinking back in the day. It is time to make the overall experience a better one for everyone involved. It is too late this time, but we do need some real reform moving forward.

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