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I was supposed to present to some of the Intel alumni employee’s at our summer get together, but was out of town on assignment. I was then asked to put something together to share in the newsletter. Since it is done.. Why not add to my blog! Reuse… Here you go.

Considering jumping into the Social Media pool? You have already jumped in and are wondering, now what? Have you started to notice that even on your favorite television programs, they are referencing social media applications?  Do you know what a hash tag (#) is? There is so much to learn and so much to do.

Let’s look at some Social Media 101 basics. The very first thing that you need to think about is your specific needs for being social. Are you doing it for personal goals, professional reasons, keeping up with your kids, or do you just want to be the cool one? You need to understand the why or you can get trapped in the deep end of the pool. We all know that time is in short supply so use your time wisely. If you do a simple search on Social Media 101 – you will find plenty of reference material.  I find that the online publication Mashable is a good source for information on the various social media applications.

Getting started is easy… signing up only takes minutes, but then the hard part begins. Remembering the why you are there, can help you with the how. I like to really keep my professional and personal social media engagements as separate as possible. What you may share with your family and friends is definitely different than what you would share with your co-workers.

Be careful – who you “Friend” can have consequences in social media. If you have the office gossip as a friend in your social network,  you may have just added the rest of the office. And it’s probable you will get requests from people to become “friends” that you may not even know. Before you accept, take a few moments and look at their profiles in detail.

When it comes to sharing content, always stop and think about what you are going to post. How many times have we heard about someone posting a picture or message that they wish they hadn’t? Take a second or two to think about your post, before you hit send. Once sent, it’s too late to take it back.

Finally, take the time to learn about the application’s security measures. As social media platforms evolve, the security settings are being put more firmly in the hands of the consumers, but that means you need to be up on the changes. Pay attention and apply the amount of security that fits your needs.

Happy swimming in the Social Media Pool!

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