Ever Just Wonder – What People Say When You Have Gone?

I know this may sound a bit vain, but… Do you ever wonder what people say about you when you are gone? I have been retired for a little over 17 months… Just the other day, I was sitting and pondering that very question. What did or are people saying about me?

From time to time, we used to joke about when I person left our department or the company that we used to blame all mistakes or issues on them. We all knew that it probably wasn’t true, but you have a little fun with it. I bet some of that went on… What really was said?

I think the worst thing that can be said is nothing. I spent most of my working life there. Working along side some very talented people. I tried my best. I really hope that what was said is:

  •  You could count on Steve to get stuff done.
  •  Steve was a pretty good boss, I would work for him again.
  •  Steve made coming to work everyday, fun.
  •  Steve was a straight shooter. You could count on him to tell you like it was.
  •  Steve taught me and helped me so much.

I guess the above statements would really be the things that I hold very close to me. That I wanted to let people know that I cared about them, helped them and had fun along the way.

Do you ever wonder?

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  • Cholmes002

    Absolutely!  I think you hit the nail on the head Steve.  They are the exact same things I hoped people would say about me when I left a job.  My mother and father always drilled into our head that your work was a reflection of yourself and that has stuck with me throughout the years!  Newsflash to Bosses Everywhere: There is nothing wrong with having a little fun at work….I told my boss that last week…….keeps me getting up in the morning and looking forward to going back to work after a few days off!  Also we all know laughter is a great stress reliever. 

  • Thanks for the comment! For me, it all comes down to putting my signature on the work that I do. What is that signature worth? For me, everything…

  • Lauriebuczek

    I can tell you that you were talked about…still. It is with fondness!

  • Thanks Laurie! That is very nice to hear.