Off and Running

First days can be so much fun! After months, 17 of them, I’m back at it again I go. Yesterday’s post was really fun for me to write! I hope you enjoyed it. First days, can be full of unexpected wonders and emotions. How will that first impression go? Will I be accepted? What is the environment like? What are the people like? So many question. So much running through my head. I feel just like the millions of students that have and will be going back to school.

Off I went… Got up early! Got dressed for success (new shirt and tie). Need to make a good first impression. Got to the airport early. You just never know how long the TSA lines will be on a Monday morning. Don’t want to be late for that first day. Sitting in the gate area, you just know that this is going to be a completely full flight. All of sudden, that announcement that this flight has been overbooked. Well, no open seats on this one. I got an aisle seat, which is the one that I do like to get. I am feeling good! Flight leaves only 15 minutes late, so not too bad. While in the air, I had something happen that has never happened to me in over 30 years of flying… The stewardess knocked into my shoulder and arm, spilling my diet coke… So much for dressing for success. Club soda to the rescue, somewhat.

Arrive in Austin, Texas… Only 20 minutes late. Hopefully, the diet coke strains are not noticeable. Get the car and off to get to my consulting engagement. Traffic was a bear. What should take 10 minutes, is over 30 minutes. Ouch – I feel like I am off to a very slow start. Have to really get a lot done in a very short period of time…

All in all, it was a great day 1. Really hit the ground running and having fun! Beside a few items – I am very pleased. Really looking forward to the rest. I promise, I will not write a journal of activities. Just thought I would share day 1.

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